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Being physically fit is a concern for many people. No matter where you go, you’re going to find people working out at the gym, watching what they eat, exercising to some workout DVD...


Trying to find a new way to make your workout a little more exciting and diversified can be a little tricky. There are only so many variations of the tried and true workout moves that you can do...



Bosu Balance Trainer Review

For a different approach to balancing and increasing the strength in your core and legs, why not give a half ball balance trainer a go? The Bosu Balance Trainer is a versatile piece of equipment that may change the way you work out once you give it a try. In this review, we are..

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Carrom Balance Board Review

Balance boards aren’t just for adults! You can help your young teen improve their balance, coordination, and their agility by introducing them to the wonders of a balance board. The balance board can be an excellent tool for teens who are going out for sports that require...

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Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer Review

A balance board is a great training tool if you want to work on your core strength so that you can go surfing or standup paddle boarding. These boards will make you work on your core muscles, but it will help train you to pay attention to your center of balance as well. Products like...

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Reebok Balance Board Review

Trying to find new ways to diversify your workout routine can be a bit of a challenge. You can only go to the gym and use their equipment so many times before you start getting bored. The same as working out at home. We do know one way hat you could add some variety to...

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